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Lunar Zen Gems

Ocean Jasper Agate Heart

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Yellow Jasper will protect you while participating in spiritual journeywork and any physical travel that you undertake. It channels positive energy, which will assist in you feeling more vitality in the physical body, it energizes and clears the endocrine system. Yellow jasper stimulates and opens the solar plexus chakra. It releases toxins and heals your digestive system and stomach. 

Jasper stimulates a war like nature. It helps you to pursue and achieve your goals with determination.  

​This stone aids you when taking shaman journeys and dream recall. It aligns the physical, emotional, mental bodies with the spiritual realm. It clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution (including radiation). It helps with dowsing.

Weight:  34g

Length: 43mm        

Width: 19mm      

Hight: 38mm

Attention: The item pictured is the exact one you will receive.