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Lunar Zen Gems

Yellow Calcite Sphere

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Calcite calms the mind and teaches you how to analyze a situation and it stimulates your ability to have insight into a situation, it also boosts your memory. It helps you to know instinctively which information is important to you at that moment. Calcite gives you the ability to change an idea into action. Calcite can help students to study more effectively.

Yellow calcite brings your awareness to the food that you eat, reminding you to choose your foods wisely. It is beneficial for the entire digestive tract. This is a good stone for visionary business owners like New Age retailers, feng shui practitioners, metaphysical gift wholesalers, metaphysical book publishers, organic food suppliers, dieticians and nutritionists. 

Yellow calcite assists you in transitioning from one way of being to another. With its sparkling golden light, it illuminates your path to help you to sort out feelings and to release fear of change. Use it to remember your magnificence. This light will shine so brightly that you won't miss it.

Yellow calcite is a good stone to use when you want to be more optimistic. Associated with the solar plexus chakra - the place where we hold our self esteem and positive attitude - this stone can connect you with the center of your personal power. With a strong sense of self, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Yellow calcite is a great tool for shamanic journey work, helping you access new and different realities. This stone serves as a portal through which unusual spiritual truths are revealed, resulting in new realizations and perspectives. With this stone in hand, taking a different path often leads to deeper meditative experiences as well as more realizations. Use yellow calcite to connect with your Archangels.

Size: 93mm

Weight(Approx.): 1155G